Chances are, you know someone who has been the recipient of a Living Benefit. Hopefully your friend or family member has recovered and is now healthy and stable once again.

A person who has received income or a lump sum amount while either on disability, or having experienced a travel medical emergency, is receiving care at home or in a facility which had been paid for by insurance; each person in these examples have received some form of a Living Benefit.

Are you prepared for an unexpected accident, illness, or disability? In other words, do you have 3-12 months savings set aside to help you through recovery, pay your rent/mortgage, other liabilities and living expenses, let alone any medical expenses that are not normally covered by medical plans or perhaps your group plan (if available to you)? Or, would you have to redeem part of your retirement savings plan to help you and your family through?

Alternatively, you can plan for the unexpected and provide peace of mind knowing you and your family will have the means to help you get through potential tough times brought on by an accident, disability or critical illness.

Common types of living benefit insurance plans for you to consider, include:

  •  Income Replacement or Disability Insurance | DI
  •  Simple Issue Critical Illness Insurance
  •  Critical Illness Insurance | CI
  •  Health and Dental Coverage | H&D
  •  Travel Medical Insurance
  •  Long Term Care Insurance | LTC
  •  berment Insurance

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness (CI) Insurance offers a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of over 20 covered medical conditions*. This protection gives you the freedom to make choices regarding your treatment, care and recovery. Having financial independence during an illness may help in your recovery, while preserving your investments, savings and assets for your future.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance typically provides disability income benefits that begin at the end of a specified waiting period and that continues when the insured person either returns to work, dies, or becomes eligible for pension benefits. Disability insurance exists to replace income in the event of total, or in some cases partial disability, due to accident or sickness.

Simplified Issue Critical Illness Insurance*

It is sometimes recommended to purchase Simplified Issue Critical Illness (CI) insurance because only a few health questions need to be answered to qualify for this Critical Illness Coverage.
The face amount (up to $100,000) is paid in a lump-sum, 30 days after the diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses or medical conditions: cancer, heart attack, stroke or coronary surgery. The benefit is paid tax-free to the insured or beneficiary.
* Refer to the policy contract for covered conditions and particulars.

Travel Insurance

Travel Health Insurance is essential to have in place when travelling. Plan your next trip and set your financial safety net in place also.
For more information or to purchase your Travel Insurance plan to suit your needs, visit Manulife’s website:

Long term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance provides for the day-in, day-out assistance you need when a serious illness or disability renders you unable, physically or cognitively, to care for yourself for a lengthy period of time. Long-term care can be provided at home or at a nursing facility, assisted living or alternative care facility.

Term 100 Insurance is permanent coverage that covers you for your lifetime. Your premium is based on your age at issue; premiums remain level for the whole term. Term 100 life insurance coverage does not expire and will stay in force as long as the premiums are paid. Term 100 Insurance typically does not accumulate cash values; however, some may have a cash surrender value (CSV) at a particular policy renewal date. Refer to your Term 100 policy contract for details before considering cancellation or redemption.

Synergy-Life-Disability-Critical Illness

A one-of-a-kind, three-in-one solution
Synergy offers the protection of a three-in-one solution: a life insurance policy, a disability insurance policy and a critical illness insurance policy all in one package.